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We understand that redevelopment is not just reconstruction of your apartments. It's a transition for a better life rooted in the memories of the same place you have inhabited for so long. We take utmost care of all the below mentioned aspects while redeveloping your home:

  • Completing the new construction before time.
  • Providing high quality materials & enhanced specifications.
  • Making you and your family comfortable in the temporary residence.
  • Ensuring that your rental stay is paid for promptly and all your requisites & preferences are well kept in mind.

We make sure that the new building becomes modern, grand, and poised for a high-quality life. Moreover, we make the entire process of redevelopment so smooth that it feels like a celebration.

That's Navotsav for you.


Why redevelop your home with us?

We ensure the buildings we undertake for redevelopment comply with the standards of green ratings for integrated habitat assessment, which inclue:

  • Reduce exposed hard paved surface onsite and maintain native vegetation on site
  • Passive architectural design and systems
  • Good fenestration design for reducing direct heat gain and glare while maximizing daylight penetration
  • Efficient artificial lighting system
  • Thermal efficiency of building envelope
  • Use of energy efficient appliances
  • Use of renewable energy on site
  • Reduction in building and landscape water demands
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Generate resources from waste
  • Use of low energy materials in interior
  • Adoption of green lifestyle
  • Innovation
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